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Use the search engine to scan through our database of already-approved study abroad courses. The database contains courses that past study abroad students have gotten approved to count towards different degree requirements (i.e. major, minor, Core, Engaged Learning). The Office for International Programs adds newly approved courses to the database on a regular basis. If you find a course in the database that you would like to take, you can add it to you study abroad course approvals using the online form. If you don’t find the courses you’re looking for, you can also request new approvals using the online form. Please review additional guidelines below.

If a course you want to take abroad is not in this database, that doesn’t mean the course cannot be approved.  The courses in this database are just a small fraction of the courses that could potentially be approved for study abroad students. Check your study abroad provider’s website to see what classes they currently offer. Please note: at this time, not all Loyola major and minor departments may be represented in the database. If you don’t find courses in your department, please use the online form to request new course approvals.

In order for a course in the database to count toward your degree, both the course title and course number (if one is listed) you see on this database must match with the title and number of the course you take abroad.   If you cannot find course titles and numbers on your study abroad program's web-site or print materials, please check with the Office for International Programs. Additionally, the courses on this database may only count in the specific way they appear to be approved in the "LUC Equivalent" column. For example, if you find a course that has been approved to count toward a history minor, you cannot assume that it will also count toward a history major. You would need to seek a new approval through the process described on our website

Courses in the database do not necessarily reflect what will be offered during your term abroad.  To check on what specific courses will be offered during your program and term, consult the study abroad program's web-site or print materials, or check with the Office for International Programs.

Just want general elective credit? Then you don’t need to complete any course approvals. All study abroad courses automatically transfer back as general elective credit towards your LUC degree.

Is there a course you want to take that doesn’t appear in this database? Get a new course approval

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