Loyola offers all alumni who graduated since May 2011 the opportunity to retain their current @luc.edu email account. To take advantage of the offer, submit your request by logging in below using your UVID & password. Confirm you wish to retain your Loyola email account and submit your request. Once confirmed, your account will automatically transition to alumni status, post-graduation.
While Loyola will offer alumni access to email, please keep in mind there are several related services that are only available for enrolled students. Once you graduate, the following services will no longer be offered due to licensing constraints:
  • Access to Office Web Apps on Office 365
  • Access to OneDrive for Business on Office 365
  • Access to SharePoint on Office 365
If you are using any of the above services, please make sure to back up and/or copy all relevant data as access to the services will be disabled after graduation. Password support is not provided via email – please call the helpdesk at 773 508 4487 Monday – Friday 8 am – 5 pm.