Loyola Alert is an emergency messaging service that provides personalized, time-sensitive alerts to students, faculty, staff and other personnel in the event of unforeseen events or potentially life-threatening emergencies at the lakeside campuses. Loyola Alert will immediately send messages to registered participants via the following communication channels:

Registration is required to receive Loyola Alert emergency communications. Loyola Alert messages are supplementary to the University’s emergency communications that are sent to all Loyola e-mail addresses and made available at LUC.edu.    

Examples of emergencies in which Loyola Alert may be activated include, but are not limited to: barricade/hostage situations; widespread and threatening weather conditions; national civil emergencies; terrorist, active shooter, or other violent acts; and health emergencies as ordered by public health authorities.

To ensure that you receive emergency information through Loyola Alert, please sign up by filling out a simple registration form as soon as possible.

For more information, please review the Frequently Asked Questions.

Loyola is currently working with a third-party vendor, NTI Inc., and its product, CONNECT-ED, to provide Loyola Alert.