Supply Chain Data Analytics Competition

  • Tuesday, April 7, 2020
  • All Day
  • Redwood Logistics headquarters
  • Prof. Mike Hewitt,
  • Students
    Not open to the public.
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    The Quinlan School of Business at Loyola University Chicago and Northwestern University's Transportation Center are proud to announce this year's Supply Chain Data Analytics Competition, which will take place this spring. This competition will give students the opportunity to work with and analyze large-scale data sets from Redwood Logistics, a leading logistics platform company headquartered in Chicago, and FreightWaves, the largest publisher of freight, transportation, and logistics news and data in the world.

    Student teams will be assessed based on their analysis of these data sets as well as their ability to present insights derived from that analysis to a panel of industry experts. Participation is open to teams of at most four students. Student teams from any university are eligible to participate and both undergraduate and graduate students are welcome. We anticipate awarding $5,000 in prize money to the top-performing teams.

    The competition will proceed as follows:
    - February 18, 2020: A kickoff event for the competition will be held during which representatives from Redwood Logistics and FreightWaves will discuss their organizations as well as give background on the data set and the outcomes they hope to see. Every student team that wishes to participate must have at least one member attend this event. Teams will be informed of how to access the data at this event.
    - March 2nd, 2020: Teams will submit answers to a set of questions in order to qualify for a phone call with stakeholders at Redwood and/or FreighWaves. Questions will be distributed along with data sets.
    - Week of March 9th, 2020: Teams with qualifying answers to the questions will have the opportunity for a phone call with stakeholders at Redwood and/or FreightWaves regarding the data sets and their interests in insights derived from those data sets.
    - March 23rd, 2020: Teams will submit a 15-minute presentation of their analysis, including a 3-5 page supplementary document which contains details regarding how their analysis was done. Submissions will be made via Dropbox, and evaluated by a panel of academic and industry members, including representatives from Redwood and FreightWaves.
    - April 3rd, 2020: The top three teams will be notified that they have been selected to present their analysis to a panel of industry experts
    - April 7th, 2020: A final event for the competition will be held at Redwood Logistics' headquarters. At this event, the top three teams will give their presentations to a panel consisting of supply chain professionals from Redwood Logistics, FreightWaves and other leading Chicago SCM-focused organizations. At the end of this event, the first, second, and third place teams will be announced, and prize money awarded.