Current Status of Quantum Computing

  • February 24, 2021
  • 6:00 PM - 7:30 CST
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  • Ronald Greenberg,
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    You may have heard of quantum computing and how it will revolutionize computing as we know it by being able to do computations in a parallel fashion and not be constrained by the binary states of 0 and 1. Quantum computing was first mentioned more than 15 years ago as theoretical research and something that was done in a physics lab. Now, there are quantum computing companies and the quantum computing industry is poised to surge very rapidly, as Google claimed quantum supremacy that was able to use their quantum computer to beat a classical computer with a classical problem. But what is the current status of quantum computing and is it ready for use?

    We have invited Chuck Eastom who is a Distinguished Lecturer in the IEEE Computer Society who will shed light on the current status of quantum computing. This talk begins with a brief overview of quantum computing, including essential concepts and historical milestones. Then current research is discussed. This includes work in quantum key distribution, quantum proof cryptography, and quantum information. The current status of developments in quantum computing are covered. This means this talk is updated every time it is given.