OTC: Design

  • Monday, September 13, 2021 to October 10, 2021
  • All Day
  • Office of Online Learning, online@luc.edu
  • Not open to the public.
  • https://www.luc.edu/ool/services/onlineteachingcourses/
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    How do you take an existing course and adapt it for online delivery? How do you design a new course for the online environment? What does a high-quality online course look like?

    In Online Teaching Course: Design, you will learn how to design a new online course, redesign a face-to-face course for online delivery, or revise an online course to improve overall quality. OTC: Design helps you plan *on paper* a fantastic online course for your students. This course will prepare you to: plan the engagement of online students; use backward course design as a strategy to design your online course; infuse Ignatian Pedagogy into the design of your online course; plan group work and active learning activities suitable for an online classroom; design effective feedback in the online environment; create and select accessible materials for online courses; assemble an online course syllabus and much more!