Rule of Law for Development Program

Zeeshan Ali

LL.M. in Rule of Law for Development 2013
Technical Advisor, Rule of Law
The Asia Foundation
Data as of May 2017


PROLAW is a unique program, in both approach and design. While taking the program, I had an opportunity to learn the practical solution-oriented approaches to addressing the much-needed areas in the rule of law sector. The program empowered participants to think of innovative solutions and adoptive approaches. On completing my studies, I returned to Pakistan and found myself ready to implement all that I learned. I am now advising Pakistan's Supreme Court and provincial High Courts on legislative and judicial reform agendas. I was able to design effective and meaningful projects for capacity building of justice sector institutions and services. I am grateful to Prof. Loris and faculty who worked so hard to train us as professional rule of law advisors. I am proud to be a PROLAW alum.



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