Rule of Law for Development Program

Ted Parran

LL.M. in Rule of Law for Development 2014
Assistant Prosecuting Attorney, Office of the Prosecutor, Cuyahoga County
State of Ohio
Data as of May 2020


I chose Loyola's Rule of Law for Development Program as it is a cutting edge, innovative degree program for professionals interested in contributing to growing the rule of law and assisting disadvantaged communities in creating the environment necessary for economic, social, and political growth.

Even in developed countries, there are significant communities that have rule of law and development challenges, and the tools gained in PROLAW are just as applicable when working with and in those communities. PROLAW also provides unique insight into legal reform, legislation, and regulatory rule making that is applicable across legal systems.

My capstone involved increasing the capability and accountability of street-level policing organizations. I have worked with local and state police agencies in Ohio to increase training and capacity building opportunities for street-level law enforcement officers. This effort is two-fold: first, to increase the ability of officers to respond to crimes and effectively investigate incidents; second, to increase buy-in from street-level officers in accountability and community-focused policing initiatives.



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