Rule of Law for Development Program

Venera Ramaj

LL.M. in Rule of Law for Development 2014
Senior Rule of Law Officer, Embassy of the Kingdom of Netherlands in Kosovo
Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Data as of May 2020


I chose PROLAW because it offered a unique opportunity to further strengthen my knowledge on the rule of law not just academically, but also in practice. The knowledge and skills I gained at PROLAW are used on a daily basis, from the overall advising role to the project design and management. The critical and analytical skills are the ones that had a real impact on my career.

After I graduated from PROLAW, I joined the Embassy of the Netherlands in Kosovo. As a member of the Embassy and the regional rule of law network, I work on the Balkans Regional Rule of Law Program, which is supporting an efficient, accessible, and expert judiciary, European integration, media freedom, minorities and anti-discrimination, corruption, state capture, and the independence of institutions in Kosovo and in other Balkan countries. The main purpose of the program is to promote the rule of law in the Western Balkans within the context of Chapters 23 and 24 of the aquis in policy level but also projects.

My main responsibilities are to act as a focal point for the judicial sector and as a part of a the regional rule of law network, to monitor developments related to the reform of the Judicial System in Kosovo relevant to the rule of law, in particular from an EU-integration perspective. I also work to identify, design and evaluate initiatives in the area of justice reforms, and manage the implementation of projects to make in depth analysis of reforms of the judiciary in Kosovo.

PROLAW gave me in-depth knowledge about the rule of law and how to work in this field. More importantly, PROLAW practice oriented knowledge on how to promote and create a sustainable rule of law system in different legal systems and in different circumstances was a crucial part of building my expertise in this field. It goes without saying that I apply my PROLAW knowledge almost every day.

The program gave me the vision and skills to work on the rule of law issues and development work, and inspired me and my PROLAW colleague Dafina Bardhi to establish a Rule of Law Advising Firm here in Kosovo. This firm is in the very beginning stages, but the goal is to pursue sustainable development in our own country.



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