Rule of Law for Development Program

Lilian Adhiambo Orieko

LL.M. in Rule of Law for Development 2015
In Country Program Manager
Lawyers Without Borders
Data as of May 2020


I chose Loyola's Rule of Law for Development Program because of my interest in and experience with development work. I use my knowledge on a daily basis in my current work. Apart from my position at Lawyers Without Borders, I am also a technical advisor to the national prosecution office on developing an electronic case management system and setting up of a modern prosecution-training institute.

The knowledge I gained during my year of study with PROLAW, the educational articles and professional linkages continuously provided by Loyola are relevant and of great value to my professional work. I have also had a chance to take advantage of my capstone project that focused on increasing access to justice by using traditional justice resolution methods. The Prosecution Office in Kenya is resorting to alternative dispute resolution in the criminal justice system to obtain organic solutions and quickly resolve disputes. My thesis, therefore, provides a good foundation and many references that I use from time to time.



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